10 Ways Being an Older Mom Rocks

You thought you would be done having kids by 30, but, instead, you didn't start until you were at least 35. Or fate stepped in and you found yourself with a baby again at 40, whether by surprise or fully planned. No matter how it happened, you are an older mom (anyone who has a baby at age … Continue reading

Being an Older Mom

If you asked me what my life plans were when I graduated from high school, I would have been clear: go to college, get a degree, get a job in my field, plus meet someone amazing, marry, and have kids. All before 30, of course.  Well, life didn't turn out as I expected. It took me much … Continue reading

Older Moms Versus Younger Moms

I’m a mom of a “certain age.” My first daughter was born when I was 39 and my second at 41. I didn’t plan it out that way. It just happened to take me longer to find the man I would marry. (Or, to be honest, one willing to marry my mess-of-a-self.) Since I started motherhood later than … Continue reading