Terrifying Threes Coming to an End

As hard as it is for me to believe, my daughter Ginny turns 4 on Tuesday. I can’t be more thrilled. I expect her to wake up that morning and no longer act like a threenager! You hear about the terrible twos, but trust me when I say they don’t compare to the terrifying threes….the threenager year. 

While I love my little girl oodles and enjoyed watching her grow up this past year, I’m done with three. Well, at least until Grace turns three in November. At least I’ll have a brief reprieve. 

Terrifying Threes Coming to an EndAt the same time, I find it hard to imagine that my little girl will be four. How did that happen so quickly? It just seems like yesterday that I was anxious for my first baby to be born, unsure if it would be a boy or girl (although my instincts told me girl). Now, here I am ready to celebrate her fourth birthday.

Tomorrow we plan to take Ginny out for a birthday dinner, a day early because Chris has to work odd hours on her big day. We asked where she wants to eat and she didn’t hesitate. Pizza Hut, her favorite! I’m sure we’ll have to order her some pepperoni pizza, too. She loves pepperoni.

Terrifying Threes Coming to an End
My baby girl on her birthday.

Then, on Saturday, Ginny will have her first real birthday party with friends. It was supposed to be yesterday. However, a bout of the stomach flu ran through our home attacking each family member save two, Chris and Daisy Mae, our dog. We postponed the party and are hopeful that someone, anyone shows up.  

You’ll find my blogging recap of the week after all these fab photos of the birthday girl…

Terrifying Threes Coming to an End
Ginny’s first year!
Terrifying Threes Coming to an End
18 months old and hanging out with her aunt.
Terrifying Threes Coming to an End
Our 2 year old!
Terrifying Threes Coming to an End
Our little 3-year-old!
Terrifying Threes Coming to an End
Just a couple of weeks ago. I think I’ve seen this pose before!

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