On this day of Thanksgiving, I have much to be thankful for in my life.

I am thankful for……
  • my beautiful angel, my daughter, Virginia. She is a light in my life that I thank God for every day.
  • my wonderful, patient, loving husband, Chris. He is my partner in crime, best friend, and lover who loves me just as much as I love him.
  • my parents. They have been through hell and back with me, in some ways, yet they still love me. They are my role models for what a marriage should be and who I want to be as a person.
  • my sister.  We spent many years fighting and not seeing eye to eye. Finally, we realized we don’t have to agree on everything. I know she will always have my back, and I will always have her back.
  • my nieces and nephews.  They are all fabulous and special in their own rights. They bring a smile to my face when I am with them. I miss them when I am away from them.
  • my aunts, uncles, and cousins! I love them all so much! They are amazing people who value family above almost everything else.
  • my sister’s husband, Jeff. He has now been my “brother” for 7 1/2 years. He makes my sister so happy. How can I not be thankful for someone who brings joy to someone else I love? 🙂
  • all of my in-laws. They teach me something about myself when I am with them. I continue to grow as a person because of them.
  • Daisy Mae, my adorable dog.  She brings humor and love to my life, in the way only a dog can. We have been companions for 8 years now.
  • God. He has blessed my life in innumerable ways. Without Him, I might not be here anymore.
  • my sistatwin, my BFF, Dawn.  I wish we lived closer, but she is only a phone call away. She reminds me of God’s love for me, and she is an awesome friend!
  • the National Weather Service and the people that work there. They do a lot for all of us, but also employ my husband (thereby keeping him out of trouble). The people that work there and their families are wonderful people who support each other. What an amazing community!
  • my fellow Weather Widows! They “get it!” Enough said. 😉
  • my Pinkies. They are an amazing source of support and humor.
  • the fabulous meal my family will be eating today. I wish everyone out in the country (in the world too) could eat a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, too.


About Denise

Hi! I'm Denise, a 40+ year old SAHM trying to navigate the world of motherhood. I blog about parenting, food, and have been featured a few times on BlogHer. I enjoys solving mysteries (Okay..reading mysteries or watching them on TV), cooking, and drinking way too much caffeine than I should. Basically, anything I needs to do to survive the toddler years.



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