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We are dealing with a nasty chest cold in my house. It started with my three-year-old, Ginny. She kept us up one night, a week and a half ago, coughing. My husband and I had problems sleeping because we worried that she would stop breathing. The next morning, we called the doctor’s office to see if there was medicine we could give her. (Naturally, all children’s cough medicines say not to give to a child age 4 or younger.) The doctor’s nurse called us back and told us what we could use. Relief! From that night forward, Ginny has slept better and her cough is almost gone.

Wouldn’t you know it? That little stinker passed that dang virus on to me. I’m struggling to sleep at night because my cough is keeping me awake. Looks like I need to take the cough medicine as well for relief. Not only do I have a cough, but my chest congestion is making breathing a challenge today. I’ll manage, somehow.

Despite us all not being at our healthiest, we have been busy the last few days. My parents, globetrotters that they are, have been on a trip taking them from their home in Florida, up to Canada, over to North Dakota, and down to our home for a brief visit. 

This & That
Ginny & Grace bouncing on Grandma’s leg

My girls loved the attention they got from Grandma and Grandpa. My parents took them for walks in the morning, played with them, read to them, and gave them lots of cuddles. Each morning, Ginny and Grace looked forward to waking up and starting their day with them. On Friday, we went down to St. Louis and explored the zoo, followed by a trip to Ted Drewes for the world’s best frozen custard. (You can read my dad’s account of that day here.) The girls and my parents had a great time! Most of our time together, though, was spent around the house or on our back deck enjoying the beautiful weather. Today, my parents left to continue their trip before heading home. When we told Ginny that Grandma and Grandpa were leaving, she immediately asked, “Why?” We explained that they needed to go home. Her response? “Why?” I told her that they missed their house. Ginny gave me a look that basically said, “I don’t believe a word you’re saying.”

I imagine that the next couple of days will be difficult at home without my parents. Ginny and Grace will miss them and the extra attention they received. I need to remind myself of this before pulling out my hair when they (okay, mainly Ginny) acts out in frustration. 

Now, on to a recap of this crazy week:

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