Time With Others

After two weeks of everyone being healthy, the illness that descended upon my children, husband, and myself is finally gone. I hope. We dealt with the plague, a nasty stomach virus, for a month in my home. I’m happy to say farewell to the beast. 

I was especially glad it stayed away because my sister and her kids, Kendall and Carson, came up from Florida for a visit; a visit that wouldn’t have happened had we still been ill. (More on that visit later this week.) 

It also meant that my original plans for the week would stand; plans that I had been looking forward to all month. 

Time With Others
My girls laying back and enjoying a movie on the TV.

When most people talk about their wedding photographers, they often discuss the experience on their wedding day. My wedding photographer ended up becoming a friend of mine. This past fall, she decided to put together a book club and invited me to join. Seeing as I LOVE books, I quickly accepted the invitation. On Tuesday, the book club met to discuss the book I chose, The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani, and nosh on food, food I brought for the occasion (recipes coming soon). We barely talked about the book, only acknowledging how much we adored the book, and spent most of the time talking about life since one of our members had just lost her husband.

The next night, I got together with my MOMS Club for Mom’s Night Out (MNO). We met for dinner at one of my favorite local restaurants. The food was amazing, but the company was fabulous. There were 12 of us in attendance. We spent so much time talking that I’m amazed we finished our food. Following dinner, about half of us left to go see the movie Divergent. I have read the book and couldn’t wait to see it. All in all, I was gone from home for 5 hours that evening; the longest I’ve ever been out without my children. 

It was a great week spending time with others. And, now, on to my biweekly recap…my Sunday Summary…

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Tomorrow I’m joining 14 other bloggers showcasing budget-friendly recipes in a special round-up! Later in the week, I’ll share another new recipe for you and tell you about my sister’s visit up here (and how it all went wrong). Also, I will Sweet Saturday will return with a delightful recipe for Lemon Blueberry Muffins.

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  1. So glad everyone is feeling better. My son and I went through a period of sinus infections, bronchitis, and stomach viruses, and it was not fun at all. I’m glad that we’re finally past that.

    It sounds like you had a great time with your Moms Club! I would love to set up something like that locally; however, I have not been able to connect with many moms in my area.

    Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday! We love having you! 🙂
    Natasha @ Epic Mommy Adventures recently posted…Wake Up Wednesday #10

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