My Toddler’s 10 Favorite Words

For the longest time, I worried that my youngest, Grace, did not talk enough. At 18 months, she only had 15 words in her vocabulary, if that. Her doctor reassured me by letting me know that younger children often take up to 6 months longer to develop a vocabulary than their older siblings. So, I attempted to relax, but still encouraged Grace to talk. 

It turns out her doctor was right. Now she has at least 30 words in her vocabulary (probably more but it is hard to keep track) along with two-word phrases such as “Bless you!” Developmentally, my daughter is on track. 

Like all toddlers, she uses the some of the same words over and over. Some of them amuse me, others annoy. It depends at times on the context and others on my patience level. I thought I would share my two-year-old’s favorite words. My Toddler's 10 Favorite Words

1. Mine 

This word is pretty typical of a 2-year-old. Grace loves saying mine to many things, but my little mooch will point to the food on my plate and declare, “mine.” I’d like to be possessive of my food. Instead, I give her a small bite and eat as fast as I’m able so I can finish it before she mooches another bite.

2. Me

If you were to ask Grace her name, she would answer, “me.” We play name games all the time. I’ll say, “I’m Mommy. Who am I?” Grace will respond appropriately, “Mommy.” When I say, “You’re name is Grace. What’s your name?” She always quips with a smile, “me.” I’m beginning to think she’s a Smart Aleck who loves to torture her mother.

3. Again?

Grace loves the word “again,” often using it to ask to play a game again or do something else again. However, if I mention that I’m going to the bathroom, she will ask, “again?” If I tell my husband I’m hungry, I will hear her little voice in a different room yell out, “again?” All I can say is, “Yes, again.”

4. Burp

If you ever need a burp detector, then my toddler is your gal. You might think you are burping quietly, enough that you don’t need to mention it, but Grace will hear you and call you out. For every burp she hears, she responds with, “Burp!” as well as a smile on her face. 

5. No

What two-year old doesn’t like this word? Enough said.

6. Uh uh

Like “no,” Grace enjoys saying “uh uh.” I’ll tell her that her face is dirty. She’ll respond “uh uh.” If you respond back, “uh huh,” it will become a back and forth exchange with no end and Grace giggling.

7. TV

My daughter adores television. She is quick to hand us the remote control and say, “TV.” She hates it when we say no, which is often.

8. Boom Boom

Lately, Grace plays with a toy doctor kit our oldest, Ginny, got for Christmas last year. She’ll put the stethoscope over her head and listen to heart beats. She pretends to hear them by saying “boom boom,” imitating a heart. Of course, everything she examines has a heartbeat: stuffed animals, toy food, blocks, and even my feet. Who knew?

9. Surprise

I don’t know where this one came from, but Grace goes around the house telling us surprise. We haven’t quite figured out how to respond, other than “Wow, you surprised me!” 

10. Sorry

If Grace hurts you, she will say, “sorry.” It is one of her top words because she is always hitting one of us somewhere and we yelp out, “ouch.” Her favorite thing to do is elbow or punch my boobs, for reasons I can’t comprehend. She’ll say “sorry,” then give me a kiss to make it better. At least Grace is polite. 

What are your toddler’s favorite words?

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  1. Our 2 year old grandson talks a blue streak. Much like his father did as a baby.. Elmo, Gumiebear, mwahs, love you , thank you, guitar, pwease.. I love to hear them all. We have also discovered melt downs to which we pick him up and say use your words and go through what he might like. When he tells us yes we say then you say this… and tell him what he should say instead of throwing a fit. He also loves our fur babies CArmen and Wascal as he calls him..
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