On Turning 30, Losing Hope, & Finding Peace

On Turning 30, Losing Hope, & Finding Peace

From the time I was young, age was just a number. Some numbers were more important. 10 meant I was a decade old. 13 meant I was finally a teenager. 16 meant I could get my driver’s license. 21 meant I could drink legally. Beyond that, I didn’t focus much on a number because that is all it was. Even as a teen, I didn’t consider my parents old. Sure, they were in their 40s, but 40 was just a number. (Yes, I might have been a bit unusual.)

On Turning 30, Losing Hope, & Finding PeaceWhen I neared my 30th birthday, I thought nothing about it. Unlike my sister who, when she turned 25, was in a panic about turning the big 3-0, I remained unconcerned. Yeah, 30 was a “big” birthday, but there was nothing special and nothing bad about it.

So, on the morning of my birthday, a beautiful Sunday in October, I woke and went about my day. As I got to my bathroom and looked in my mirror, I noticed something distressing. Very distressing. There at the top of my head was a grey hair. My first grey hair. “How appropriate,” I thought to myself as I plucked that nasty thing out. I wanted nothing to do with grey hair. Not yet, I was too young.

Then, I mosied into the kitchen to get breakfast. While I grabbed a bowl, filled it with cereal, and poured milk on top, I felt a deep punch in my gut. I was 30. Tears welled up in my eyes that could not be stopped. I was 30. It finally hit me. It had nothing to do with the number. Not really. It had everything to do with where I thought I would be in life by the time I was 30.

Don’t we all dream and plan out, to some degree, where we want to be in life? I know as a teenager I had it all planned out. By 17, I’d graduate high school and head to college. By 21, I’d graduate college and get a job. Somewhere along the way, I knew, in my heart, that I would meet “The One.” He would be there. He would be in a class or at a party while I was at college. We would graduate from college, get jobs in the real world to save money, and get married within a year or two. After a few years, we would start a family. I would be a mom. And, all of this would happen by the time I was 30.

But, he wasn’t in college. I went to graduate school and he wasn’t there either. I didn’t meet “The One” in my twenties like I knew I would.

So, on my birthday, I sat on my couch eating cereal with tears rolling down my face and wallowed. My life sucked, I told myself. Nothing turned out as I expected. I wasn’t married. Hell, even more depressing, I hadn’t had a date in two years and no dates looked forthcoming. I wasn’t a mom. I figured the odds were against me in that ever happening. My life was so far away from where I wanted and hoped it to be. 

On Turning 30, Losing Hope, & Finding Peace
With my dad, not long before I turned 30.

Instead of celebrating that day, I cried, pouted, and got angry at the world. That day, I grieved for the loss of my dreams and expectations. No one told me I would feel like this on my 30th birthday. I had no idea. I thought it would be a happy day like every other birthday I ever had. But, life had not turned out how I thought it would. Life sucked, turning 30 sucked, and the future looked bleak.

Eventually, a few days later, I stopped feeling sorry for myself. So life didn’t turn out how I wanted it to? At least, I had a life to live. Life was not following the script I had made. Instead of trying to follow an imagined timeline for my life, I reminded myself to focus on the day-to-day living. My hopes and dreams could remain, but I needed to accept where I was in life, at that moment, and not look back with regrets. I might also want to create new dreams, new plans.

Now, over 14 years later, I am where I always hoped I would be, with no more expectations. All I dreamed and hoped for came to me later than I thought it would. Life turned out even better than I imagined as a teen or on my 30th birthday. In my late 30s, I found “The One” and married him not long before my 38th birthday. Six months before my next big birthday, 40, I gave birth to our first of three daughters. I became a mom. And while the timeline was different from my expectations, I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m right where I want to be.

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