Two Blog Awards in One Week? Unheard of.

Just a day after I received my first award, the Liebster, I was informed by Kristen, at Grouchy Military Mom Diaries, that she was giving me an award, the Shine On award! I was flabbergasted! My second award in a week.

shine on

Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “What type of awards are these? They don’t mean anything.”  In some ways, you might be right. There is no huge significance. I’m not winning money, and it sounds a bit like a chain letter that you pass on to your friends. However, to me an award means that people are reading AND enjoying my blog! My peers, other bloggers, are recognizing the work that I am doing. I take great pride in that. I also love that I can share some of my favorite bloggers. I hope that you will take the time and visit their blogs and see why I think they are so great.

As with most blog awards, there are some rules involved.

1. Post the award on your blog!  (Isn’t it pretty?)

2. Link this blog back to the award giver. I already did that, but I’ll do it again. You should check out Kristen’s fab blog, The Grouchy Military Mom Diaries, here or her FB page, here.

3. Tell 7 facts about yourself.
Normally this would be easy, but since I just did this, I am scrambling to come up with 7 more. Oh boy. Here goes:
  • My favorite junk food in the world is Taco Bell! I think I might be able to eat every meal there if I had the money and inclination. That would be bad though, right?
  • My oldest daughter is named after my maternal grandmother.
  • I used to love two-stepping, could swing dance, and do multiple different line dances.
  • I can’t stand coffee or tea. Bleh.
  • I hate shopping.
  • I have yet to attend a high school reunion. My 25th is coming up next year. Maybe I’ll go.
  • My favorite baseball player is Yadier Molina–best catcher ever!
 4.  Give the award to 15 amazing bloggers! Okay, while I love reading different blogs, I don’t have 15 for you. I just nominated some for my last award. However, I will nominate 10. You will find the list below! They are all quite amazing so please stop by their pages and show them some love! (I’m just grateful there is no rule about how many followers they have!)



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