A Weather Widow’s Mother’s Day

Since it was Mother’s Day yesterday, I decided I should take the day off. No sense working on my special day, right? Because of my “holiday” I am doing my Sunday Summary a day late.

A Weather Widow's Mother's Day
Ginny loves playing in her sandbox and would happily do so EVERY day.

Of course, my Mother’s Day wasn’t anything extraordinary. It was like every other day in most ways. My husband went to work, and I stayed home to take care of the girls. Obviously not the dream Mother’s Day. Being the wife of a NWS meteorologist, I don’t expect to be able to celebrate most holidays or special days in the “normal” way. Last year, I did with a baseball game. So it was no surprise that this year that I would not spend the day with my husband. 

What I didn’t expect was the day to be a complete wash because of storms. When there are major storms, my husband works late making me a weather widow. Because of some massive thunderstorms (including baseball size hail) to our north, my husband had to work late, not making it home until 9 p.m. He came home exhausted, and I ended my long day exhausted.

A Weather Widow's Mother's Day
Grace had her 18 month appointment where it was established that she is in the 95th percentile.

That all said, Chris and my girls did spoil me as much as they could. My husband anticipated the storms and took me out to dinner the night before. Being pregnant, I needed to go with my latest craving so I chose Olive Garden. It was delicious and we had a nice time. The girls enjoyed their spaghetti, which was evident by the sauce being all over their faces and even their arms. The only bad thing was that as soon as I got home, my morning sickness reared its ugly head and I “lost” my meal. At least I enjoyed it while it lasted, right?

When I woke on Mother’s Day, I stumbled into the bathroom and found a vase full of mums and daisies waiting for me. It immediately brought a smile to my face. I opened my presents after I headed into the kitchen. Well, that is to say my 3-year-old, Ginny, opened my presents for me. (I have a feeling I won’t be opening my own gifts for a few years.) Chris and the girls got me hard candies to suck on for my morning sickness (how thoughtful), a gift card to the movie theater, and a Taco Bell gift card (my guilty pleasure). My husband knows me so well! 

A Weather Widow's Mother's Day
On Saturday, I participated in my 2nd ever Fat Ass 5K. The girls were ready to go!

Other Updates

I really am trying to write more often, but this first trimester is kicking my behind. Basically, I normally blog in the afternoon; however, now because I’m dealing with pregnancy fatigue, I’m napping in the afternoon. Finding time to blog has been a challenge, but I’m working on it. I want to get back to writing 2-3 times a week, at least. I have 2 other blog posts planned for this week that I want to post. Hopefully, I will be able to make that happen. 

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