Welcome to 40!

Welcome to 40!
The day that Mom and Amy came home from the hospital.

On this day forty years ago, I was sick and miserable, like today. At very nearly three years old, though, I needed my mom, but she wasn’t there for me. I felt angry and upset. It wasn’t that my mom didn’t want to be there for me. She did. However, she had other priorities that day; namely, giving birth to my little sister, Amy. 

The arrival of my baby sister meant I went from only child to older sister. When my sister finally came home, a few days later, I gave my mom the silent treatment, but gushed over Amy. (After all, I was still mad at mom for leaving me when I needed her.)

Welcome to 40!Amy and I have not always been the best of sisters; we tried and failed many times over the last 40 years. That said, we found a balance and a friendship that works for us in the last several years.

Welcome to 40!
Can you tell it was the 80s?

We are opposites in many ways. Honestly, I sometimes wonder if our only commonality is our genetics. That said, I know that I will always do my best to watch out for my sister. It became my job on this day in 1974, and it will be my job until I die. I’m an older sister after all! 

Welcome to 40!So, on this day, I want to say, “Welcome to 40, Amy!” Oh, and keep a few of these tips in mind as you begin to navigate your 40s.

1. Go to the eye doctor. You will need bifocals soon. (And heck, since we’re sisters, you’ll likely find a cataract or two.)

2. Remind yourself what age you were when Mom turned 40. Remember? Yeah. I was 18, and you were 15.Your kids are younger, therefore, you are younger than Mom was…sort of.

3.You can stop caring what other people think? Why? You made it to 40. Enough said.

4. 40 is the new 20.

5. It is likely that there are some people in your high school graduating class who will be grandparents in the next year or two. Think about it.

6. No tight miniskirts anymore. Not like you wore them much anyway, but…

Welcome to 40!
Amy and I not long before I got married.

7. You know how Mom told us that by 40 we should have short hair? You look fab with your short hairdo. However, if you decide to change it up, go for it. Who cares about that silly “rule!” I don’t. See #3.

8. Don’t take things for granted. It’s only downhill from here.

9. You are still younger than me. Dang it all.

10. Get out there and learn something new.

11. Keep taking chances!

12. You’ll start spending more time at the doctor and be on more medications than you ever planned. 

13. Do lots of puzzles and read lots of books to keep your mind fresh.

14. Give your kids hugs and kisses every night even if they are driving you nuts.

15. Take a deep breath. There is no reason to overwhelm yourself with activity or stress. 

16. You’re old enough to be a cougar now. Of course, I’m sure your husband wouldn’t approve.

17. Don’t worry about getting carded anymore. The odds of that happening are a million to 1.

Welcome to 40!
A fabulous aunt taking a selfie with her nieces!

18. If someone calls you “Ma’am,” just assume they are from the south and shrug it off. It hurts less that way.

19. Wrinkles are sexy!

20. Heck, 40 is sexy! 

21. Your nieces, Ginny and Grace, adore you!

21. I plan on bothering you for at least another 40 years. Isn’t that the best? 

22. I love you, Amy! Happy 40th Birthday!

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Please help me celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday by leaving a comment wishing her a happy birthday and a tip on how to survive this new stage in her life!




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