Where I Would Shop If I Had $10,000

Contrary to all the stereotypes that exist about women, I do not like shopping, not really. It used to drive my mother nuts when I was a teen. She loved to shop, and I would be itching to leave the store soon after arriving. I’m the type that goes into a store with a purpose and leaves once the purpose is fulfilled. I don’t browse or go through sales racks in the hopes of finding a deal.

There are a few exceptions to this. I do like grocery shopping. I go down every aisle because I don’t want to miss anything. When I see a store filled with unique items, I can’t wait to explore it. 

Where I Would Shop If I Had $10,000Recently, I was tasked with the challenge of listing 10 stores I would shop at if I was given $10,000 to spend. Of course, one of the rules is that I wouldn’t be allowed to use the money for current debts or savings. Darn it! Because, honestly, while I might use some of the money to shop, most of it would be used for those purposes. Call me Mrs. Responsible. 

With the rules in mind, I brainstormed on where I would shop. Since I’m not a fan of shopping, I found this task difficult (so difficult that I meant to write this yesterday, but I needed another day to work on it…I’m sure the fact that my youngest didn’t let me sleep past 4 a.m. had nothing to do with my issues writing). As I brainstormed, I realized there are a few places I need to get things from as well as a few that I can get lost in shopping. 

Here’s my list of where I would spend $10,000:

1. Sephora 

I have to admit that I love makeup! I fell in love with it at the age of 13 and spent many hours reading teen magazines to learn the best ways to apply makeup. While I don’t wear it very often anymore, what with being a stay-at-home-mom of two little girls, I do enjoy putting it on and playing with it. Sephora is one of my favorite stores ever. I could easily spend tons of money if I had tons of money to spend.

2. Barnes & Noble

My love affair with books began when I was a child. I’m a bookworm who can’t get enough of reading. I’ve been known to spend hours in bookstores when left alone to do so. My poor husband would panic, though, if I had $10,000 to spend at Barnes & Noble, because he’d have no clue where I would store the books. To be honest, I have no idea either, but it’s worth the challenge.

3. Williams-Sonoma

Getting lost in a cooking store is easy to do! Williams-Sonoma is one of the best (and priciest). I’d have no problems getting every gadget and small appliance we need and want plus decorations for our kitchen and dining space.

4. Macy’s

Macy’s is the perfect place to stock up on household goods for our home as well as clothing for my girls and me. Heck, I would also love the chance to buy clothing for my husband, updating his wardrobe. 

5. Coldwater Creek

I discovered this store nearly 15 years ago. I love the clothing they have, in particular their selection of plus-size clothing. It is stylish and of good quality. I need a new wardrobe, especially once I have the baby. I’d love the opportunity to spend some of that $10,000 in this store or on their web page.

6. Pottery Barn Kids

With our third child on the way, $10,000 would go a long way to furnishing and decorating a new big girls’ room for Ginny and Grace as well as the nursery. It would be nice to shop somewhere like Pottery Barn without worrying that it doesn’t fit in my budget.

7. Pier 1 Imports

Pier 1 is perfect for adding those little touches to a home. I have been there in a while because I try to avoid temptation. It would be fun buying nice candles, pretty decorations for our home, as well as some nice wicker furniture for our deck.

8. Gymboree

I love the clothes for kids that they sell at Gymboree. I don’t shop there because it costs too much for our budget. It would be fun feeling free to get every outfit possible for my girls (and the baby) without worrying about money.

9. Lowes or Home Depot

We need to do a few things to fix up our house. We could buy a nice storm door, new doors for the front and back, and hiring contractors through the store to make a few repairs. 

10. DSW

I’ve struggled with shoes since I developed drop foot over 18 years ago. However, I still love them, and I especially love handbags! I think I could have fun in this store stocking up on shoes for myself, my girls, and my husband. I’d also have to find a few favorite handbags. One can never have enough handbags.

What stores would you shop at if you had $10,000 to spend?



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  1. I heart Sephora and I could live in B & N…like seriously live there. And Pier 1 – I love that store for so many reasons…the smell is at the top of the list, though!

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